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Count 'Em!


After, I bugs me that it is round peg in a square hole but I will leave it for a bit and see if I get over it or if the aluminum cap gets the axe.

I also retrofitted my headlights ...again.

1st Retro here:
2nd Retro here:

I really enjoyed the product of my last retrofit, the angel eye delete and white demon eyes was a clean and subtle look I really dug. As much as I appreciate the "look at me" element of angel eyes/DRLS I think the circular design of the rings, whether on or off, is distracting and takes away from the otherwise clean clean/sharp/swoop design of the headlight.

If you recall, my current headlights are the units I refurbished in my second retrofit so they are far from perfect but being my personal headlights I think of them as a test bed for experimenting and trying new things, so in the end it works out. I will be doing some retrofits on BMW 5 series in the near future so this build was to familiarize myself with the headlights once again and test out some new things. One thing I am testing is the durability of the bowls on the 7.0s, they are powered by a 3five 50w ballast.

From my 2nd retrofit, this 3rd revision includes white ---> black demon eyes and MD2S 3.0 ---> MH1 7.0 "main projector." I kept the same MH1 6.0 as my 2nd projector in the quad setup.

I had thoughts to run a Morimoto 70mm xb fogs in place of the MH1 6.0s in the inner shrouds but decided against it as it was easier to keep the 6.0s there. The xb fogs can be located there without too much effort so confirming that while the headlight was apart was a goal in of itself.

The retrofit went smoothly and all I have to do it reseal the units,


MH1 7.0 Before

MH1 7.0m After

Black Demon Eye

XB 70mm fog

It would have worked and been pretty clean but I decided against it

Who mods their LED bulbs? ME!

I already had a D2S sealant/plug installed on the housing, the plug for the H1 bulb was too small in diameter to fit the whole, what to do?

Put the plug in the plug!

It came out super clean on the inside as well (and double sealed)

This is me having a hard time reflashing my Light Control Module

The MH1 6.0 fits like a glove in the inner shroud, the projector actually resides inside that chrome bowl you see and is the perfect length to match up with the shroud(s) that are in the front around the lens

If you look at the inner projector... there is a shroud, a ring, and an inner ring; the shroud and ring and held in place with bolts but the inner ring sits on the projector lens holder like a normal shroud would, it fits so snugly that I won't even bother with JB Kwik to secure it

Black on Black

Doing some final testing before I seal them up, don't mind the crooked intercooler, the wagon still makes 550whp


The MH1 7.0s are a nice upgrade over the MD2 3.0 I had in there before. I was very appreciative of the fact that the 7.0s didn't take much tuning to get dialed, only some bulb alignment was needed to get great results (I still wish this wasn't needed but I understand how sensitive optics are). That being said I am very optimistic for the new MD2S 4.0!

I love the intensity along the cutoff but I am a huge fan of 3G TL and FXR 1.0 outputs where the width is thick and meaty. Projectors like the MH1 7.0 may be technically have a wider output but I don't find it quiet as useful as the other projectors mentioned. That being said the 7.0 is impressive considering it's size (again excited for D2S 4.0)

I thought about adding some foreground limiters since my wagon is pretty low ....and I should have, it would be nice to remove the initial 3-5 feet of intense light on the ground near the front of my car. If I need more foreground I can switch on the MH1 6.0s, their foreground is an additional 1-1.5ft closer.

Output 1

Reverse Light: Love It!

Some color flicker



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