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Default 02-10-2016, 09:55 AM

Recently I swapped out my beta TBI for the production version.

The braided lines on the TBI got my inspired so I added a 1/8 NPT 4AN fitting to match the 4AN input on my Tial. I never noticed any undesirable performance while running the oem nipple but I like the idea of having a uniform path for the air to travel, that and I get to add a braided signal line!





Previously I replaced that hideous brake booster line with heater hose are routed it under the CP, I improved on the orientation and now it is almost completely out of sight.

Spending some time on RealOEM seeing which parts need to be changed out to make my suspension M5-spec. Since the 535xi is already such a large vehicle most of the suspension is the same as the M5, only the front lower control arms, rear guide arms, and rear integral links differ.

Snagged these M5 arms off eBay. As it turns out the control arms are EXACTLY the same so I will keep them as backups if I have issues with my current ones.

The rear guide arms were slightly different:
LEFT: 535xi

LEFT: 535xi

Speaking of M5 parts, here is a teaser of an upcoming project...

N54 Powered M5 Wagon:
- M5 Driveshaft, M5 LSD, M5 Axles, M5 Brakes, M5 Rear Suspension
- M5 Front End, M5 skirts, M5 Mirrors, M-Tech Rep Rear
- KW V3, RD Sport Sways, UR Strut Braces, Forgestar F14 SDC
- Manual Trans Swap, MFactory SMFW, Spec Stg 3+ Clutch, UUC SSK
- EOS Port Injection Manifold, Fuel-It: Stg 2 LPFP +Lines +Ethanol Sensor
- JB4, Hexon RR550s, Custom Inlets, AR ***, 3" Exhaust, VRSF 7" IC, ER CP, Tial BOV, RB Ext. PCV, BMS OCC
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