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Talking B48 230i 1/4mile & 1/2mile times ... Impressed ! - 09-10-2018, 03:49 PM

Decided I needed to go to the track at least once this year and went out to one of the last 1/2mile of the season and could finally test out my Dragy in perfect conditions. I was pretty impressed (and others too) with the times my 230i with the B48 managed to get.

We went to the Sanair track and ambient temperature was around 18-22c during the day (64-72f).

It does not have the top-end power to smash the 1/2 mile (as well as the 135mph limiter) but I did manage to get faster time than a 335i xdrive and a M235i on the 1/4 mile.

Calculated with my dragy they did as follow :
N55 335i xDrive, Manual, Intake, JB4 Map 2, Did not launch the car : 14.02 @ 100.26mph (2.39 60ft). His highest trap speed for the day was 123.67mph on the 1/2 mile.
N55 M235i, Manual, Intake, JB4 Map 2, did a very mild launch : 13.36 @ 108.91mph (2.29 60ft). His highest trap speed for the day was 137.68mph on the 1/2 mile.

My only mods are JB4 (set to map 3 (+ 6psi) on the track) and the BMS billet intake (for the B48). Car was running roughly 98-100 octane and the tank was filled up prior to the day (Filled up with Petro-Canada 94 octane + Boostane octane booster).

My best times of the day were :

1/4 mile : 13.09 @ 103.68mph
1/2 mile : 20.85 @ 124.98mph
Consistant 60ft of 1.92 all day thanks to the xdrive.
Dragy screenshots attached

I’m hoping to smash into 12 seconds territory hopefully next season (12.99 would do) !
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