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picking up my new F150 today with the 3.5L. Coming from a 2016 golf r with jb4 and meth. I was a beta tester for the jb4 so am super familiar with map 6 tuning. I had a few questions.

- is the p0400 specific to one engine, 2.7 or 3.5?
-can the code be fully cleared with this jb4?
-are the Bluetooth dongles universal? Can I take it off my VW jb4 and use it with the f150 jb4? I would think so, but making sure.
-is this platform going to be receiving future updates and development? The VW platform was always advancing and getting better.

I appreciate everything you guys do. George is a God when it comes to VWs lol. I'll be running jb4 on 93 and the occasional e85 after the engine break in. Thanks in advance!
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