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Default JB4 recent smog experience - 07-06-2019, 09:41 PM

Wanted to share my recent CA smog experience with JB4 installed.

I decided to smog my vehicle with my jb4 in last week. I've been running the car in map 1 since I am all stock except for intake at the moment. I took it to smog place and literally changed to map 0 in the parking lot and shut the vehicle off to reset the system. they had the car plugged in for 20 minutes.

I was niave in thinking I could have my DCIs installed and they wouldnt do anything, but I ultimately failed visual due to having the DCIs. after doing a little research I realized that the BMS dcis which look absolutely identical to the VRSF that I have installed are carb approved I'm a little bummed that this is what n54tuning is selling since there is a very similar product that is carb legal, but I didnt know that when i was ordering so its my fault. The smog dude said to throw on the factory intake box and come back and he would pass me, so no big deal.

More importantly, the interesting news is that I passed all the readiness checks, and OBDII scans. contrary to almost everything I have read on forums about having to drive the car for 30 miles etc.. is this something that has been adressed in the JB4? I think it may be because i dont have auto code clearing enabled.. but honestly im not sure. I dont know how to check that parameter.

anyways I just wanted to share my experience.

Edit: I should have mentioned that this was only OBDII test. No sniffer!

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