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Default RUTHENIUM HX Installed PSPE version. 0.021" gap - 06-22-2019, 04:57 PM

I had the Autolite APP 5682's , about a year old. I took 2 data logs in the morning with the old plugs and 2 in the evening with the new plugs. (NGK 91784 aka LKAR8BHX) The orange and green lines are the new plugs and the blue and red lines are Autolite Double platinums. I didn't accelerate from the same rpm each time so below 4000 rpm you cannot really compare but once the boost stabilized you can see the new plugs made a huge difference. It was 3 cooler but I used SAE correction for temperature.

It was not missing or having timing corrections on the old plugs.

New Plugs: https://***********/u/scottxp800/log...7-8-9-10-11-21 data zap dot me no spaces for the ************* site blocks link?

Approximate gap 0.021" not dragging on a 0.020" feeler gauge and a 0.022" would not fit.

This is a custom (Wedge/Ken) E50 tune 22-23 psi stock turbos. FBO except for outlets, no cats. I need to set my shift points up to see where the HP drops off and reset them to what these plugs are doing for HP and TQ at higher rpm's.

I'm wondering what kind of problems people were having with GTR plugs. Other than maybe fouling early due to heat range I can't imagine why there would be an issue.

Not sure anyone has tried this particular plug.(that I have seen)

PSPE (projected square platinum electrode) provides the best ignitability and service life for high-heat engines. This NGK-patented design is recommended for turbo and supercharged engines.

Ruthenium HX„ Spark Plugs | NGK Spark Plugs
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VRSF Charge pipe, 5.5 IC, Dual Cone, Cold side inlets, dual 3" down . F&R c@t delete, walbro 450, E50 Tune, 23 psi, N20 TMap, Stock snails, MHD, xHP.

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