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Originally Posted by blackhat75
This sounds almost too good to be legit. For years, guys have been looking for an economical solution for more fuel. Most I've read go the PI route, wishing they could afford the TTFS or XDI pumps. How is it that no one till now has tried this?
ive been searching for a few years too , but there is very little info about serial numbers and pump versions , they do exist but how do you know which pump has what type of piston . xdi states oem n55 pump has 0.9 cm³ per rotation .
hdp5 evo versions go all the way to 1.2cm³ a rotation . do i have the 1.2cm³ version ? . the logs show it has a larger piston but how large ??
i also asked bosch directly for more info , but in vain as i did not have a racing team and such upgrades werent allowed on street cars .

when going down the e20 route i wonder how far it can be pushed . if i can get 20-21psi on e20 im very happy with the 200usd upgrade
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