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Default F10 m5 jb4 drive train malfunction - 01-27-2019, 03:06 AM

Hi all,

New jb4 install on an f10 m5 2012 with 55k.

99 ron fuel (uk)

Map 1... 5-7 pulls... all ok

Move to map 2... bang... drive train malfunction.

Move back to map 1.... bang drive train malfunction.

Move to map 4... all ok (mainly)

Monitored boost on map 4 with fuel gauge. Boost to half way on fuel gauge. All ok.

Back to map 1... as soon as boost wants to go over half way... bang drive train malfunction. I guess it went over half way When I first tried but was not monitoring.

Back to stock... read codes... misfire cylinder 8.

The jb4 is a new box the metal recatnagle one... I have the usb console cable but where do I plug it in ???

Also is my research correct....

New plugs
Gap plugs (to what for map 2). What is the gap for map 2 please?
New coil packs (or swap around and see if misfire moves with it?)

Worse case... injector...

My Target is map 2 as I have good fuel in the uk if the clutches can handle it...

Also need to pull logs when I work out how to connect the usb cable...

Seems map 2 killed something... and I guess in cylinder 8...
Thanks all !!!!
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