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Default How to fix my lean afr ??? And it toasts my new turbo seals !!! - 11-01-2016, 03:02 AM

Hi i have an e92 n54 fbo+ inlets jb4 backend pure stage 2 and methanol 70 30 setup ,stage 2 fuel it just wanna know why my afr is lean ??what causes the afr to be lean And how to fix it? i can hear pops like unburned fuel and i've been kicked to map 4 my car smokes like a chimney now i think the high temp of the exhaust side caused by lean afr 13.5 on wot toasts my turbo seals my only code is outlet vanos ill try to clean and swap it asap any help would be much appreciated and whats the difference between a 3.5 tmap and 4.0 on stage 2 what suits me the best. Thnk u for all ur comments.
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