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Do Not Flash The PPK If Your Car Has Had A Dealer Software Update After 07/2012

Hanswurst put something like this is the first post and I'm not sure everyone, including me, understands exactly what it means as some people with some updates appear to be OK whereas others have problems? I'm wondering if it could relate to the vehicle's i-Level? This is possibly why some people who've had BMW updates are having problems and / or need a FSC code.

I've added below a PDF below showing how to check your i_Level using tool32. Mine is E89X-11-03-510 and I can flash using the page 1 quoted zsubs without a problem. (E89X is the chassis code, 11 is the year so 2011, 03 is the month so March and 510 is the version)

Checking i_Level Using tool32.pdf

[SIZE="2"]UK 2011 - E82- 135i - N55 - DCT
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