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Originally Posted by jsanchez335
Has anybody ever did a PPK flash on a 135i with a ROM of 9EIOB? Or has anybody ever heard of that Rom? Last 7 VIN VM13239
Originally Posted by jsanchez335
Additional comments... Although the Rom was not 98g0b or 98g1b it took zusb 8661926 under MEVD1726 and it had mean burples; however it went into limp mode with a check engine light that could not be clear by recoding the 63BMO, INPA or JB4. I had to revert back to zusb 8661886. Anybody have a fix?

P. S. When I went back to MEVD1726/8661886, it cleared the check engine.... And the burpling.
ZB number(s) 8661886 and 8661926 (PPK) are both recent 9EI0B ROMs. The 9EI0B PPK most likely caused the CEL because it needs a FSC code.

ZB number 8651808 as specified in post #1 is a 9EH0B PPK. Downgrading from 9EI0B to 9EH0B with WinKFP expert mode should solve your issue.

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