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MFactory Sports Axles

(sorry for the low quality image)

Put more power to the ground with the MFactory Sports Axles, designed specifically for the high performance street car.

Diamond Cut to exacting tolerances from Forged High-Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Steel
- Perfect fitment & finish ensures hassle-free installation & maintenance, each and every time

Designed using leading-edge Solidworks 3D CAD & Cosmos FEA software
- Advanced Geometry minimizes parasitic drivetrain losses. Race cars utilizing MFactory components transfer, on average, 1-2% more power to the ground over our competitors!

2nd Generation Design
- With our Rifle-Bored Center Shaft, the MFactory v2 Racing Axles are lighter, stronger and more efficient than any other Sports Axle on the market today!

Covered by the MFactory Lifetime, Globally Transferable Warranty
- Whether used on the Street, Strip or Track, all MFactory Sports Axles come with a Lifetime, No-Hassle, Globally Transferable Warranty

We have so far tested these up to around 550lbs with no issues (we don't have an upper limit on these yet). From our initial sample batch, we still have a few sets left, so are offering these at a discount price to those interested

Unlike other axles on the market, ours are a Complete Set, including new 6-ball CV joints i.e You do NOT have to send in your existing axles for a shaft upgrade! Our axles are a direct plug-n-play swap

MSRP: $999.95 + shipping
Test Price: $799.95 inc FREE Shipping

Review thread here:

Please PM me if interested

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