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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
The RC is an analog box like our Stage1. For the most part anything you can do with the RC you can do with the Stage1. Neither will ever have the JB4 feature set, boost by gear, more robust safety systems, logging of timing, AFR, throttle, and other critical engine data, cold oil warmup protection, diagnostic code management, etc. I still don't understand why people try to compare CANbus based tunes with direct wastegate control to the simple analog tunes.

With a JB4 there is no limit on boost with the N20. It's just a matter of how your tuner wants to set it to balance performance and reliability. We pushed it up to 300whp for fun one day on the dyno.

ahh thanks for illustrating, Of course that's what setting JB4 & that's why I upgraded from first place but not everyone will use 93, E85 or even Meth kit but can you please explain why he got 277whp out of same 93 while on st.1 only 250whp on your dyno.. that's why for the test purpose Rob has to put E85 and test with 91 as well just for the viewers out here and people like me who live on the other part of planet . to be honest people questioned the quality esp. connectors but again they compared it for the price and it was a bargain but after redesigning connectors, seals & with alum. enclosure as you say at same price JB4 will end up on top, this time without questioning !

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