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Default 01-26-2015, 09:18 PM

Originally Posted by Pure Turbos
Hey guys,

I talked to Mark at SS this morning. I explained to him what we're doing with this box. He said he would make a custom tailored box purpose built for this kit.
For those interested, the 6 injector driver box would be labelled AIC1-V6H/EV6 (Voltage input, 6 drivers, High impedance, EV6 injector connectors) It will have the injector harness wired straight into the box.
PURE is not selling these. We just stepped in to help out because we want this on our N55 and S55 too!!!
So this would be the same that mark just a lil better?
Where can I find it? And WUT s the damage?

Thx for mark's contact info
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