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I measured the backlash and it was well within spec. If i didnt do it wrong that is!
measured it two times with the diff out between.
Strange because no one seems to have to use shims.
The sound isnt whistling really i cant explain it. At the same time as the LSD install i fixed a broken vacuum line to the exhaust flap. But today i heard that the flap is creating all kinds of strange of noises. It rattles at idle and reving it almost whistles. Could be that creating the nolse. Because before i fixed the line. That little flap made the whole convertible rattle like something was loose..

Also i found that people replacing the diff bushings to powerflex sometimes get a similar sound of resonance which the oem seem to absorb which the harder aftermarket bushing instead seem to amplify.
My car is also i convertible and i have over time developed the feeling of every small vibration gets resonated through the chassis.

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