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Default OZ Ultraleggera R18 on e92 - 03-18-2019, 08:06 AM

After a rather long chase for low weight wheels I've kind of stumbled across a staggered set of 8x18 et40 + 9x18 et40 OZ Ultraleggera in mat black.
What shims should I run front (15mm)-rear (12-15mm)? I go for 235/40 and 265/35 combo.
I am not exactly happy about the color as they go to a black e92 however the guy that is to straighten them (they were cheap but not round at all) advise me not to do the chemical paint removal process as they are so light weight.
Is it a real issue, could they get weakened by that process?
Are they very soft or has the PO done a proper medieval stuff to them (2 are bend inside a lot+trembling axial, 2 less bent on inside)?
I don't autoX or anything crazy but the roads are not perfectly smooth around here (Brussels) so I am not keen to let them fix every other month or so... do they hold up fine?

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