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Originally Posted by George @ BMS

The oil temp and transmission temp is not supported on the VW JB4's .
We will be adding 7th gear down the line. It should have displayed assuming the data goes +1 each gear but it seems the ECU output is different for 7th so we going to have to hunt that down.
Gotcha, thanks for the reply.
I know I read elsewhere that you wanted to keep some channels open for future use and to keep the sampling rate high. FWIW however, those two items (more so oil temp than trans though) are only accessible via OBD data for the car. Since the JB4 is using that port, with no ability to split the signal to another gauge, the app is the only option for that info. It wouod be very useful to have those parameters for track work.
I hope you can find a way to add them in the future.
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