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Default BMS - Stealth Large Capacity Water / Meth Tank Installed - 10-29-2016, 05:52 PM

I installed the new BMS stealth Meth Tank today, wow, this tank is awesome, a work of art! It has great fitment, good capacity, and the best thing is it's stealth. I've used water meth on my previous boosted M3's and always wanted a tank that was stealth like this with good capacity, now with the F82 M4 we have one. Running meth on the F8X has shown fantastic results, the S55 loves E85 and it really loves Water/Meth too, there's a reason they decided to use Water Injection on the GTS, it works.

The thing about Terry and BMS is they make products that enthusiasts want. In order to make a tank like this from scratch, it's very expensive, takes a lot of time. I hope they sell a lot of these and are rewarded for their work.

The install was simple, and it fits like a glove, there were no issues. After the install I used the JB4 bluetooth app on my iphone to prime the water/meth pump to get the air out of the lines, I mean Terry really thought of everything when he developed the JB4, this tank is just another example of how good he is.

This is the small 3 quart tank I was using in the meantime and I would run out of Meth by the third run at these 1/2 mile events, lol, but it did the job until I got the BMS stealth tank. Big thanks to Terry and Jason @BMS for making this tank!

Here's some pics of the stealth tank before install -

The tank without the pump mounted -

Pump mounting area -

Outlet, thread sealer added -

Pump Mouting -

Outlet line connected to pump -

Feed hose and wiring -

Installed -

16 F82 M4 ZCP - DCT - JB4 - Meth - 1/2 Mile 161MPH
08 E92 M3 - DCT - Built Motor - ESS VT3-750 SC
710 WHP/495 WTQ STD CF @ 14.4psi
6.1s 60-130MPH (Drag Strip)
174.12 MPH Shift-S3ctor Standing 1/2 Mile - E9X WR
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