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Default Octane Booster Before&After - 10-06-2015, 02:45 AM

So From what ive been hearing alot of people Bashing on Fuel Additives. I have Yet to See a Decent product come out with something That actually works, Well Only from word of mouth. So 2 weeks ago being on a long drive home from work i decided to try to Jump on the Map7 Wagon Since I havent Been able To run it Lately Just Running a E85 Blend and racegas being over 45 miles from me, But It was A fail somewhat As i couldnt meet boost target and would get some sputter during mid range Rpm. Wel i was at Pepboys earlier today and a bottle of octane booster caught my eye, As to it saying Its not just an additive its actual race gas , Which may somewhat be true to and extent as to how much race gas is in this thing, Its a 32oz bottle and says if u treat 3oz per gallon you will be somewhat around 98 Oct, Well Today After I gassed up I I decided to give it a shot and put 3/4 of the bottle in there and Ill let you be the judge of the results due to I am not to well with reading logs but After Log does look like that additive did work
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