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I borrow this guide from another forum. Hopefully, you guys will find it useful.

*please do this at your own responsibility*

Installation guide for differential Lockdown

This guide is meant to serve only as an aid. If you arenít mechanically inclined please seek help from professionals.
Is recommended that the unit is installed while the suspension is loaded, meaning car on the ground. Plastic oil change ramps is what I use
Tools needed:
1 x 16 mm wrench
1 x 17mm box wrench
2 x 17mm open-end wrench
Set of Plastic Oil Change Ramps

Remove the 3 bolts from the differential cover (16mm wrench)

Place the supplied aluminum differential plate and fasten it with the 3 supplied M10x30 bolts with washers. Fasten bolt #2 to prevent distortion on the differential cover. Use blue Loctite if desired, not mandatory. Torque no more than 60nm or 45lbs. Tools required: 17mm wrench

Some models have a plastic cover on the subframe. If so, remove it. Pry it out.

If you want to keep this plastic on the subframe cut the corner off

Insert the supplied frat aluminum bushing on the rear of the subframe. (red arrow)The rubber sleeves remains on the socket to prevent vibration and noise. Also, to insulate and protect the coating on the subframe.

Insert the supplied M10x140 long bolt with a washer and on the opposite side of the subframe (facing the front of the car)

insert and conical shaped bushing with the adjustable link.

The washer goes between the adjustable link and the nut with plastic locking collar. No Loctite is required. Torque no greater than 80nm or 60lbs. Tools needed: 2 x 17 mm ring wrench.
Adjust the length of the link so that the lower rod end can be bolted to the differential plate.
Fasten it to the deferential plate with the supplied M10x40 bolt. Use two washers, one on each side of the rod. (this will allow the link to move without interference of the plate and prevent possible damage to the differential case/core)No washer is required on the other side of the plate due to the use of nut with plastic locking collar. No Loctite is required.
Torque no greater than 80nm or 60lbsTools needed: 2 x 17 mm ring / open-end wrench

Take notice of the adjustable link that has a right and a left-hand thread. For adjustments simply hold both rod ends and turn only at the central portion. Thus, the link contracts or expands apart.

Check everything, take the car on a test drive and check everything again, for loosen nuts and/or oil leaks from differential.
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