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Originally Posted by LostMarine
ok, so another blatant lie. its manufactured in europe, but costs 210 shipped in the US, which where you happen to live.. interesting.

its fine and copy someone else, but just say it and dont act stupid or innocent.
I suggest you stop calling him a liar unless you can back it up. You are threadjacking and not contributing to the thread. If you feel its a copy, so what? Unless DEFIV has a design patent, there is nothing illegal about making a copy.

You also said "Mine is much different than that blatant copy BTW, so there's no use comparing the 2". So in one post you say it is a copy and in another you say that the DEFIV is much different ..." It can't be a copy if DEFIV is much different!

If you look at the shape of the aluminum piece, you can see it is designed to fit around the pumpkin. The shape of the pumpkin is fixed so any solution that goes around the pumpkin has to use that shape. Both designers traced around the outline of the transmission, which is the reason for the superficial similarity.

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