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Default 04-10-2019, 06:32 AM

Originally Posted by Ryan81789
Have a new long from tonight, car still doesnít seem like itís running right. Can anyone take a look and help me

2009 bmw 335i xdrive. Jb4, dual cone intake, sport intercooler, ******* d.p. stage 3 fuel it LPFP, VTT GC hybrid twin turbo kit, TMAP 3.5 bar
I see these >

- do a better log(s), on 3th or 4th let's say from a little bit under 3k revs to redline with WOT
- your lpfp log value is 48, so problem with sensor?
- you should lover DB at range of revs as you're slightly overboost.
- set All cyl logging in setup menu

Did you follow the initial settings for hybrids? I mean FF learning should be off.

2008 E92 335i AT - MMP1k's, MMP inlets/outlets, FMIC WAGNER EVO3, TMAP 3.5 Bar - PRW Stage 2+ LPFP - JB4 g5 - MHD BEF
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