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Originally Posted by JBoe
Yes and to counter the octane decrease you can use an additive. I do that with straight 91 by using half a can of the Boostane 116 additive. I haven't seen any fuel pressure issues, but at 110+ degrees ambient air temps, my timing is gone. Lol. Car is fast but high IATs have the DME pulling timing so it's not like it was.
Here are four things you can do to fight the IAT battle:
1) use the stock intake
2) use the AP intake (it’s pricey)
3) if you’ve bought the MHD flasher license, flash and use performance (or track) cooling mode. It makes a noticeable difference in IAT, I’ve seen 10 degrees cooler.
4) inject more water in your meth mix. really depends on the trade offs you’re willing to deal with on this last one.

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