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The info you seek is in here.
Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
Adding JB4 v13 firmware to the first post to collect some data.

JB4 v13 firmware:

1) Added active safety system for high fuel pressure. JB4 will revert to safety is fuel pressure drops below 7 (1000psi) during full throttle.
2) Moved safety/VALET map to map8
3) Adjusted map4 to be a performance map between map3 and map5. With the BEF map4 targets around 20psi
4) Adjusted FF learning to be slightly more aggressive.
Implication to me is 7 is your "safe" minimum. I'm pretty sure 1 = 150 in terms of scaling as was posted in a post by Terry somewhere on this thread. Unless Terry changed it very recently, I log with MHD logger and they don't scale HPFP (reported in actual PSI); I have compared to JB4 at full idle (change logging collection method in JB4 app to "raw sampling" and log for 15 seconds), and the math worked out like that.

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