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Originally Posted by THE BEAST
When I read your name the first time, I figured tool and die maker. My pops did that for over 20 years. This site is mainly focused on Jb4 users. Its support for the Jb4. So say, MHD logs and such are basically ignored. Side note, do you machine aluminum parts ? Body / Housing for a gear is what i need. I have a machinist, but looking for someone else at the moment.
Yes I can machine aluminum, but I mainly do Electrical Discharge Edm. Which wouldn’t be practical for soft materials. I may be able do it on a manual mill we have retro fitted to CNC that can only do 2axis contouring, depending on what kind of features need to be machined, tolerance, and surface finish is required.

If it needs 3axis or more, I’d have to get approval from management for time and tooling. If you need something Wire EDM’d, that’s no problem! But I’m not looking to profit, just help out with what I can.

I’m still new to the forum, so not sure if you could message me a print?
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