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Default Can I be “black balled”? - 05-04-2019, 10:23 AM


I’m still new to the N54 world and was the first forum ever joining. I asked some noob questions trying to get some issues sorted out. Mostly not related to the JB4, but they happened the same time I installed the jb4. I questioned the replies I got so I could try to understand how the jb4 works and learn, not to be a nuisance.

Seems like my logs are ignored (except for Dave, thank you!)

The name I choose, Toolmaker335xi. Is because I am a Tool and Die Maker by trade, and I have a 335xi. Not trying to be a troll or be a tool or whatever.

I’m here to get my car fast and reliable, learn about the N54, and contribute whatever I can. ( I do Electrical discharge machining, and can do some difficult machining operations. Things that are impossible with traditional machining. I’m Not interested in profit.)

Thanks for reading
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