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Originally Posted by T_H_O_M_A_S
ive been searching for a few years too , but there is very little info about serial numbers and pump versions , they do exist but how do you know which pump has what type of piston . xdi states oem n55 pump has 0.9 cm³ per rotation .
hdp5 evo versions go all the way to 1.2cm³ a rotation . do i have the 1.2cm³ version ? . the logs show it has a larger piston but how large ??
i also asked bosch directly for more info , but in vain as i did not have a racing team and such upgrades werent allowed on street cars .

when going down the e20 route i wonder how far it can be pushed . if i can get 20-21psi on e20 im very happy with the 200usd upgrade
You've got me going down the rabbit hole on this one. It looks like the smallest version of the HDP5 EVO pump is 1.2cc. They get bigger and higher pressure from there.

XDI states that their XDI-35 pump is 1.22cc and the N55 pump is .897cc (GDI High Flow Pump XDI-HPFP for BMW N55 - Xtreme-Di)

Bosch says the HDP5 pump is 1.12cc and that the HDP5 EVO pump is 1.20cc. ( That would seem to indicate that the HDP5 EVO pump is nearly the same capacity as the XDI-35. It's only 1% smaller volume.

Further, the Bosch data sheet say the HDP5 EVO, or Rev C, pump has reduced internal restrictions and the EVO outlet valve, whatever that means. There's a Rev D pump with a still larger piston, too, not that you can get one anywhere. (

What's interesting is that the same pump part number is specified for both the B58 as well as the B46 and B48. I imagine only the cam profile driving them differs. That means any 330i, 340i or similar could provide the donor pump. I checked real OEM to confirm that the 13517642466 pump is found on all the B46, B48 and B58 equipped models.

Another interesting thing is that there was a 13518621084 part number for the same pump that was only in production use for three months. It turns out that 13518621084 pump is $105 - $135 shipped from China via AliExpress. So, there's a possible source for a cheap, brand new pump, too. Make what you will of a short production run pump from China, but it is an option.

Anyhow, I just picked up a used 2018 pump with 12,000 miles on it for $125 shipped and I'll be installing it shortly and upping the boost to take advantage of it.

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