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Default 11-19-2017, 12:28 PM

I thought 50 is the default? The FF adaptations weren’t turned off in the above log. I did few logs today but without any satisfing results. I managed to map the FF/WGDC (with WG adaptations turned off from the bits) curves but I was getting underboost in high rpms. Now the FF Adaptation is around 105 and DB around 86 at 5,5k rpms.

Should the adjustment procedure include adaptations turned off or not?

Enclosed is the log and afterwards slightly adjusted settings which I never got the chance to test as it started raining.

Second log is after the FF adaptations were ON and the curve starts looking at staircase: I would assume I should drive with the FF adaptation turned on?

P.S. After the below run I turned ON the FF adaptation and it went to 105.

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