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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
I don't know what effect it might have on your car or whether you need it at all. If boost is over or under target then one benefit is being able to bring it closer to target.
For me (B58 M240i with BMS intake, FF harness, 93 octane, and meth), it has helped correct overboost and create slightly smoother runs. I am sure of it because now I have it disconnected (the wire is faulty) and I am occasionally overboosting, esp with WMI/Map 7. I do currently get serious throttle closures when the car is on Map 7 when I first start driving at WOT, so I don't yet know if EWG control can help with throttle closures, but I am planning to fix the wire and then re-test, as a datapoint. The closures get better as I drive longer. I'll post logs when I get the thing reconnected.

2017 F23/M240i Convertible (B58) / 6MT / FF Wires / EWG Wires / BMS Air Intake / Stock Exhaust / BMS Meth (100%) / 93 Octane
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