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Default JB4 N54 Wiring Harness - 11-29-2021, 02:03 AM

Hello dear comunity,

I recently got my hands on a JB4 for my e93 335i.
My problem now is that the harness that it came with is kinda suspicius and i can not find out what is going on. I would like to replace the usb data cable with the bluetooth connect kit but its connected to the main harness.

So i thought someone on here could defitely help to identify the problem and help me find a solution.

If you need more info like pin nr. etc let me know.
I want to remove the usb and attach the bluetooth connect kit.

Here are some pictures of the botched harness

20211128-193849980-i-OS — ImgBB
20211128-193856732-i-OS — ImgBB
20211128-193909208-i-OS — ImgBB
20211128-193921107-i-OS — ImgBB
20211128-193945893-i-OS — ImgBB
20211128-201511254-i-OS — ImgBB
20211128-201521836-i-OS — ImgBB
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