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Default Issues with JB4 on N55 F30 - 11-27-2021, 03:21 PM

I bought an N55 F30 this year and installed a JB4 a buddy gave me. I have always have issues when doing a hard pull where the car will hard jerk at the top end of a gear, little puff of smoke and sounds like marbles coming out the exhaust. Drivetrain error pops up sometimes. This happens in map2 and map 5, have not tried the other maps.

I bought a Bluetooth adapter a couple months ago to try and figure out the issue, I tried taking some logs and every time I do a hard pull all the gauges on the JB4 app freeze until I stop logging.

About a week after having the Bluetooth adapter on and trying to do logging my jb4 main board blew with one of the capacitors fried. I figured since that happened maybe the old jb4 was causing issues. But after buying a new board itís giving the same issues. The wiring harness still looks good I went through and checked all the wiring while it was off the car this week.

I think this also happens when I have no map on but still have the JB4 connected but have not tried this since getting the new main board installed.

I have installed charge pipe, ******* ********, cold air intake and one step colder plugs and new coils since purchasing.

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