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Originally Posted by v8bait
Someone asked about the coil design and it disappeared, we talked about it before but these are based on the mercury marine coil for certain reasons (spindle size, package, internal design) which is popular as it can be modified easily. MSD 8232, AEM, megasquirt have all made variations as it's a very robust design. You can easily make it for CDI or TCI application. So that's what we did, we specified the parameters and had the coil produced. Ultimately, many dumb coils can be driven by the DME. We tested a coupe different versions with different primary resistance, secondary wrap ratio etc to come up with the final specs.
That was me! I thought I read through twice, and missed that information.

Perhaps this is information you're not willing to divulge but, I am highly considering the purchase of the simple ign-1 coils off DIYautotune because they work on a very wide spectrum of builds. Being that you folks have tested a few different units, what was your experience?
I'm not going for huge power, but i like the idea of ditching stock coils.
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