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Sorry I don't post here all that much anymore but I'll shotgun things I can answer-

Originally Posted by Cynical
You would think for the price of this kit the cheap phucker could have included piggy back connectors instead of having to repin the stock ones. I hate how cheap this kit looks. I still dont see the point of it either
Those connectors don't exist without thousands of dollars to develop one. 3D printed ones don't hold up to heat well. Reversing the pins in a sister connector to males takes up space when depin and Repin only takes a few seconds, but is feasible if demand is there. I was mostly involved in coil design but talked with Robert extensively on this part, and it's ongoing. I wasn't a fan of the blue either but it's growing on me lol.

Originally Posted by Trucker1964
Does anybody know what "DME Flash through MHD provides additional performance" actually does ?
It flashes a coil dwell table specific for the coils and fixes other currently unavailable tables to better utilize these new ones. They run fine on factory tables with significant gains due to the coil design but with increased dwell will have even more energy available as they saturate much higher. Martial has the tables we're just waiting for him to release it, if you would like a jb4 backend modified send me or PR an email with the backend you are using and we'll make the changes, it's not secret, if you have a custom tune have your tuner hit us up. They include changes to tables not publicly released yet in the public xdf.

Originally Posted by ShocknAwe
Really don't get it. $500 for coils? Never had a problem with my ignition system. Unless someone can explain to me what this actually does to improve function then its getting filed under bull**** marketing scams.
In a nut shell, factory coils produce about 2/3 the voltage of these and less than half the spark energy. Check my other threads if you want scope data from the BMW coils vs things like the GM LS truck etc, BMW doesn't even compare. At high boost everyone runs gaps smaller than most tools can measure and can still misfire if everything isn't perfect. The higher the boost, the bigger the issue. They also tend to only last a few years (high power guys replace them annually). These simply give you a hotter spark (more energy, longer duration, very helpful for e85 which is hard to fire especially on cold starts), higher voltage spark so you can open the gap, and their design is based on coils known for reliability. Not for everyone but definitely no scam, I'll stake my reputation across platforms on that one 100%.

Enjoy your Sunday folks.
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