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Default Precision Raceworks N54 Ignition System Installed! - 06-09-2017, 03:41 PM

One of the first cars with this product installed.

All I have to say is AWESOME. Well I have to say more but lol...

Got my kit wednesday, installed it Thursday night. It took about 1 hour to install. The most timing consuming task is removing the pins from the OEM connectors. Take your time and do the wiring right. The brown and orange can look the same. I may have screwed one up haha. All good now!

I installed NGK 97506 plugs at the time, gapped at .024"

Initial thoughts:
- Idle is smooth as a Toyota
- Responsiveness slightly better
- Absolutely no problems getting to redline at 30psi
- I was getting a slight misfire at the top of 3rd gear when I'd log and run that gear out, car would shake and you know the deal. Well that's gone. It was definitely a coil cause I'm running the same plugs again
- Everything fits under the stock engine cover (mine was a pain cause I have the wiring going that way for the cowl delete)

Kit was only been installed for 12 hours but SO FAR SO GOOD! lol

Tips for install
- MAKE SURE you push the plug wire firmly down onto the plug
- The 3/8" wire loom is inside the 1/2" loom
- Use a push pin to remove the terminals if you don't have the correct de-pinning tool. It's not a push type like the DME pins, its got two tabs on each side make sure you have both tabs pushed in then yank it from behind.
- DOUBLE check all wiring, white to white, orange to orange and brown to brown.
- Take your time with the wiring, make it look nice!

I will review more this weekend and add to this post, just wanted to get this going. I will include logs as well.

Item can be found here:

Here are some pics of my install, Enjoy!

335- stock
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