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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
No that won't have any effect on this specific model.

Does the car run normally on map0?
Sorry for the delay in getting a response to you here Terry, I've been tied up traveling for work.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been doing extensive troubleshooting on this thing. I replaced all of the vacuum lines with new thick wall silicone. Found and resolved an issue with the vacuum pump check valve (diaphragm).
  1. The vacuum lines I initially used to replace the factory ones were thin walled and were collapsing on themselves under full vac. Resolved this with new thick wall silicone.
  2. The vacuum pump check valve diaphragm came off and clogged the vacuum port supplying vacuum to the system. This was resolved.

Those two issues resolved my lack of boost (e.g. 0 PSI)

Unfortunately, I'm back to having the original issues now.
  1. Cruising on the highway between 60-80 MPH using Map 1 and moderately accelerating causes the car to go into full limp mode no power, idle RPM, forcing me to pull over to the shoulder power off the car and power it back on. There is a 2D59 code which appears to be related to torque curves? I think?
  2. The above also happens when using Map 4.
  3. The above does not happen on Map 0.
  4. When using any map 0, 1, 4 acceleration at lower RPMs is rough like a mild vibration with a periodic feeling of the engine missing.
  5. On maps 0, 1, & 4 the maximum boost I have seen is ~10PSI however I seem to be more consistently getting around 4-7 PSI.
  6. At one point yesterday I felt like the car wanted to produce a significant amount more boost and it started to build but then just dropped sharply like it up-shifted but I was still in the same gear. I was doing around 40MPH trying to accelerate.
  7. Every now and then under hard acceleration I get an Engine Malfunction notification with no limp mode or codes and it goes away on its own. (Not really and issue but I want to mention it)

One thing to note is that with the JB4 completely disconnected, the car drives fine. (I haven't confirmed this since upgrading the vacuum hoses but prior to that it was driving fine with no hesitation or boost issue, nor the vibration under acceleration.

I also did a pressure test on my boost side today. The passenger side easily holds pressure up to 20~25PSI and slowly bleeds it off. The Driver's side I can't get over 10PSI and it bleeds off much faster. I can hear both bleeding into the intake so I think that the valves are just open on the driver's side, not that there is an actual leak. I checked the clamps between the inter coolers just to be sure and they are tight.

I'm at a loss here. I can live with only being able to use Map 1 under hard acceleration, but it isn't producing anymore boost than stock now, and I've only had it spike to 17 PSI one time very briefly just before shifting to the next gear and dropping off, and that was before I resolved all the vacuum issues. Now I can't get over 10-11PSI. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I forgot to mention I've been disabling DSC and TC to avoid any issues there. If I leave it on even on Map 0 it breaks loose on hard take offs and flashes (as it should). But my thinking was that this might help the 2D59 codes when highway cruising but it didn't.

Also, is it possible there could be a problem with the maps? perhaps Map 1 was reset somehow? I don't know how to check what the settings are from the logs, is that even possible or would I need a USB connection and laptop to even customize it?
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