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I also had this same thing happen. I just installed my JB4 a few days ago. Brand new plugs, coils, turbo rebuild, repaired a vacuum leak (possibly another small one but extremely minor).

I was cruising on the highway accelerating moderately to 80mph, then as soon as I hit 80 had a completely loss of power had to pull over and restart. This consistently replicates on Map 1 DS & D. Map 0 & 4 are unaffected. I don't think the JB4 was logging when the loss of power occurred but I have logs up to that point.

My logs also show N55 E which seems odd to me. Would love to get some guidance here.

One thing I forgot to mention, the second time this happened, after switching to map 4, I got a 30FF code which hasn't happened since rebuilding the turbos and replacing the coils/plugs.

I also have an 2012 X5 50i N63 if that wasn't obvious. I'm also wondering if there is an updated firmware or something, but I don't know where to look. My JB4 came with no paperwork at all, just the unit in a box labeled E70/71.
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