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Default x5 n63 JB4 installed and now i have questions - 01-30-2020, 02:27 PM

Hey Guys,

So...loving the JB4 after i finally got it installed. Ive got a couple general questions and then a more specific one.

Ok, for starters, noticing on my logs that is shows e series n55 in my logs as well as 6cylMode? making sure this is the norm?

Also, im not showing any ignition values at all...and my fp_h values go from 3/4 to 8/9 on buddy has an n54 and he doesnt see those numbers like that at all. I know comparing oranges to mangos....but still, another just checking question.

Lastly, I installed the jb4 and now twice after beating on D doing 70 mhp and cruise ive thrown the 2D59. Ive looked in to it a bit and im not seeing any fixes on it that are clear......really deferring to someone with more experience with this. I can throw some logs up if you like but unfortunately i wasnt logging when the 2D59 popped. I Traction light, 4x4 light and the brake light lit orange...and i had to shut the car off in order to get it fully sorted out after clearing the code

ive got me newb flame suit on as well so you wont hurt my feelings
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