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Originally Posted by mdelreal
Yes, it's a golf and I'm in Mexico. I think I was the first one to encounter that issue. (bug bounty pls)

The upgrade in torque on the low end is very noticeable and stage 1 is fine for most driving conditions. I ran a trackday recently and was left wanting a bit more but I didn't want to risk the turbo by pushing it with the Map2.

Since then I installed a front mount intercooler and got a hybrid turbo. it spools faster even considering that the piping for the intercooler adds some lag so I might start playing with map6, or get a custom tune but for daily driving the map1 will leave you very satisfied.
I say a bounty is very well deserved! Sounds like you got quite a few upgrades to make the ride a little more zippy. Honestly, Iím happy with the car the way it is but I do need just a tad more and thatís mostly because Iím coming from a Stg. 2 335 back home in the United States. For Colombian roads Iím sure the 1.4 with just a bit more spice will be more than enough.

Iíll PM you so we donít hijack the thread anymore !

Thanks again.
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