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Originally Posted by cdmorenot
Hey there, yes, Golf with a 6 Speed.

Iím told an issue with the JB4 not turning on fast enough ? Any insight would be amazing before I ship this back to the US.

Thank You!!
Yes, that is the issue. Your unit doesn't get power before the ECU does its self checks and detects an open loop on the sensors that the JB4 attaches to. What I did to remedy this while a new board design was being worked on was to have the usb data cable always attached to a phone or tablet before turning the engine on.

In my case it helped that my headunit is basically an android tablet so I had the usb data cable connected directly to it, that stereo has a battery so the usb port that the jb4 data cable is connected to always has power running to it so it doesn't matter if the car is turned off, once the checks start when you open the ignition circuit your jb4 is already "awake".

I just re-read your first post and it seems that you are using a bluetooth connection so that might prevent you from using my workaround, unless you can source a data cable locally.

To me that works fine as I got a little impatient about the board update but I can see that it's not ideal.
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