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Originally Posted by jgoens
So, you run a tank with only e85?
Being that my e85 station is about 60 miles away, and I only get there every 2-4 weeks, my typical procedure is to fill up E-85 (which at this station is really E70), and fill four 5-gallon jugs while I'm there. Ideally, half way through the tank, I'll top off with 93 octane E10, and when that gets low add one usually or sometimes two of the 5-gallon jugs, then top off with the 93 octane E10. I don't do a lot of driving during the week, and sometimes not so much on the weekend either, so a trip can last a couple months. But Weehe is right, running E70 sure does burn through some fuel. I drive mostly around town and can run a tank down in 150 miles. I stopped yesterday for a refill, and E-85 was $1.789/gallon and 93 octane E10 was $2.389/gallon. So, at 75% of the cost, for around town getting 150 out of 200 miles, 75% of the miles of premium, it's a wash $$$ wise. Not too long ago, E-85 was $2.159 and premium was in the $3.599 range, if I remember right. That makes it a little more economical. But yes, it is possible to run E70, but after about E40, you're looking at sharply diminishing returns, power wise, and breaking even money wise.

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