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Originally Posted by iminhell1
I have them.
Now that I've tuned a bit different I can say yes they can make more power. But you really don't see more power at the same boost. If you up the boost you'll see that extra power.
So then it becomes, well couldn't I just up the boost now and make the same power? Maybe.It depends on how much more your boost solenoids can do.
The inlets let things breath better. So that lowers the wgdc giving you more room to make more boost.

The big drawback with relocate inlets is heat soak. If you're moving this isn't a problem at all. But when I'm sitting in staging my IAT's will just keep climbing. Turning the cooling fan on only makes it worse. Always hood open in staging to get that heat out.
It would be nice if someone would make a high flow closed element relocation kit with a scoop from the front end.

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