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Default Jb4 firmware - 10-02-2019, 03:50 PM

I am unsure if I have the correct firmware for my jb4, could someone link me to the firmware for full control over my juice box? This vehicle is transitioning into a track car and I have been reading that this newer jb4 model isnít all that... I am beginning to learn that when doing pulls the juice box is limiting my results.

Itís to the point where I canít do a pull without the jb4 thinking something is wrong and it throws me into map 4 mid pull.

Iím debating just ditching the jb4 completely and moving onto a whole different tuning setup. Iíd like to know what everyoneís thoughts are before doing this. If possible Iíd like to correct these issues the jb4 is having..
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