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Originally Posted by Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It!
For some, they just want to plug it in, run basic maps, set it and forget it.

Make sure your OBDII cable is connected properly of you wont be able to read gauges.
The problem is Steve is that it was working just fine and then someone at your company changed it and removed all other maps without warning and nobody seems to know why it was done. I've been to busy with work to get back to this but I will again soon and I would REALLY like to know why I can't even use it as a WMI controller. Is Terry really that scared of the n63 that he even took down wmi support? If so, WHY is it still be sold on your website for the E70 n63 when it's no longer supported????

Listen I am not expecting updates or any real development for the n63, I know it's a very limited customer base. However Taking away features that were once there after purchase is complete BS/borderline fraud and makes your company look WEAK like it doesn't know what it's doing. I haven't seen Terry in this forum In what a year? Guess money is so good he doesn't need to give a crap anymore. I mainly purchased this to be a WMI controller and it was working just fine then you guys pull support for wmi and all map6 support and ruin the firmware so it now's prevents the truck from going into sleep mode and kills the battery unless you disconnect ob2 connector before arming the alarm and nobody can even give a damn answer as to why. This had been confirmed now by multiple people but ZERO help from a product you completely changed from
when we purchased it with software updates that made it worse and no way to go back.

I know you dont have a E70 to test on so why release updates and screw it up? Buy one, they are cheap as hell or at least reach out to one is for beta testing, I know any of us would be happy to assist beta testing but to still actively sell a product and then offer no support or testing after is Absolutely Pathetic and inexcusable.

If your not going to support it then stop selling it and give us our money back. This is not the same product anymore I paid 700 dollars for.

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