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Originally Posted by Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It!
To be frank, I'm not aware of any functionality being removed, I just know that additional updates and upgrades will not be made with the E7X platform in mind as it's an older platform with as you mentioned low #'s. However what you describe is kind of odd. You said you didn't do a firmware update but the app no longer shows map 6 and 8 as an option? That's you have a screenshot? Have you reached out to to inquire about it. Could just be a glitch in one of the app updates, I'm honestly not sure as I haven't heard of that issue. I thought maybe you had updated the firmware and then noticed the issue.
Believe me I understand the E70 N63 platform is incredibly small so I am not complaining about no future updates, what I am bitching about is the removal of functions that were there when I purchased the JB4.

What is strange is that I did not update the firmware in weeks and everything was working just fine in all maps, I was actually ready to pull the trigger on a BMS WMI kit and then noticed out of the blue I was in map2, went to change it and all other functions above map3 were gone.

Attached is a screenshot. I never updated the app either but perhaps when the phone connected to the home wifi it auto-updated? All I know everything was working great for weeks and then it changed suddenly. I will email the connect kit team. I hope this is a glitch and not more features being remove because of the n63.
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