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Originally Posted by Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It!
Unfortunately that's an old unsupported platform. I'd suggest sticking with your old firmware and not updating to the newer firmware as your platform won't be considered/tested in those updates. Sorry.
I didn't update the firmware when the option was removed. Everything was working fine, then something was changed on the app and the options for map 6 & 7 disappeared.

And if it's not supported anymore then why remove functions and honestly AND WHY does BMS still sell it for the n63 E70 on their website? That's pretty screwed up Steve, sell something but don't offer any support for it. I used to be a fan of BMS, but after this, I can no longer recommend a company that actively lists a product on their website for sale but could give a crap about supporting it. I hope Terry reads this too, this is complete BS and just plain bad business and it will catch up to your company.

Listen, I don't expect BMS to do much with this platform, I know it incredibly small fraction of your customer base but WHAT I DO EXPECT is for the product not to be continually degraded and downgraded from when I purchased it. I bought this to run custom map6 and to use as a WMI controller and control the wastegates. First BMS pulled support for the wastegate conroller making the extra money I spent on that usesless...Fine whatever I know the n63 can be difficult... but now at random map 6 and wmi support has been removed without any reason and you tell me "sorry ya we don't support it but we still sell it for the E70 N63". This crosses the line, you guys must be doing amazing business to treat your customers this way. BMS could at least be HONEST and to list this on your website that "no support and random downgrades will happen at anytime after purchase whenever BMS feels like it". At least your customers will know what they are getting into before they purchase.

Needless to say I am more this a little pissed. I finally got down into the 11's and with this change I can longer run the higher boost that map6 allowed and now have to buy a separate wmi controller. All of this done at random with no reason. Great job BMS.

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