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Originally Posted by m6beast
BMS stage 1 meth intergration, ******* ***, my custom muffler delete exhaust, my custom intake, my custom charge *****.

TOYO R888 Drag Radials 315 30 20 on stock wheels
11.0 with 1.82 60ft was done with launch control. After seeing how well the track was prepped and car hooking hard I did burnout mode for all 10 second passes.

Tires need high mph to heat up properly
Start in water box in first gear, hit and as soon as it starts spinning click into second gear and burn all the way till it starts to hook at least up to the tree.

DSC off
Sport plus everything
Suspension in comfort

While in first gear and staged
Once you see the second light just slam on the gas the car will delay for a sec then will raise up to 5000 rpm and drops the clutch. Then you're off it will feel like you just got launched out of a canon. Slamming the gas in the second light will get you the most accurate and best reaction time from .070-.100+
Only use burnout mode if the track is prepped good and tires are heated up properly otherwise you'll get lots of wheel spin.

Good luck!
Congratulations, awesome times.
I'm going to give this launching technique a go next time I'm at the drags and just hope I don't break something.
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