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Further challenges.
I'm researching but also posting in case someone has a quick answer.

I reassembled the OFH with gaskets.
It looked like the oil I got in my coolant was just from when I first took it off, some poured into the upper radiator hose and got pulled into the reservoir tank, which appeared to have filtered it from circulating further as the oil floats and the coolant would exit the bottom as required.

That said, I have 3 codes I'm looking into.
I've read some that say the first code can relate to a tune. I just have JB4 and Pump BEF.
The second code may have happened when I was turning the ignition on and flooring it to start the coolant pump.
Third I've never run into yet.

2EE0 coolant temperature sensor
(Maybe it wigged out if it got oil on in? I didn't touch anything down here this year)

2CFB throttle valve, continuous adaptations
(Maybe this went wonk during me turning ignition on and flooring it for 10 seconds?)

2D09 Drosselklappe


Will also post back with what I find and results.

Currently trying to get her well and on the road again today.

Fresh oil and filter. (No coolant in previous)
Flushing coolant/was, then replacing.


2008 335i Convertible, E93, N54, A/T (190,000+ km)
Wheels: 322 | Tires: R.275/35r18, F.245/40r18
TUNE: JB4 Map 1 | PUMP BEF | 94 Octane | @15 PSI
BMS: JB4 | 5" FMIC | OCC | DCI
xHP Stage 3 (v2.0)
NGK 5992 Plugs @ .020
RB PCV Valve

Pending Install:

2018 - A/T Replaced | Plugs | Ign Coils | Walnut Blasting
2019 - VCG | OFHG & O-rings | Alternator w/ Clutch Pulley | Water Pump & T Stat
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