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Default 04-30-2019, 08:22 AM

Originally Posted by iminhell1
Initially I had no problem, didn't even run the bleed procedure. Just let it sit overnight and check later, level was a tad low. Drove a few times and rechecked, still fine.

But this Winter I boogered up the front and lost coolant. Repaired in it'll work for now fashion and it didn't self bleed as nice. But I didn't have any sit time and it was still warm (therm closed though). Just had to run the bleed a couple times and it was back to good.

Car is my daily and have zero cooling issues with it.
Since I deleted my trans heat exchanger long ago, I ended up running a 5/8 hose from the bottom connector on the coolant expansion tank down to the port in the bottom of the radiator that the heat xchanger used. I also plugged the hose with a that originally ran from the coolant expansion tank to the the 3 way connector that the tstat connects to instead of replacing the 3 way with an elbow. I'll post some pics later. Pretty clean install.
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