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Default 04-12-2019, 04:13 AM

We experienced a similar issue a few years back when MHD was released for the F series with N54 engine.

Our solution was to find a local guy that has access to WinKFP, a hack tool to reflash to stock. Make sure you know someone that knows the tool; the ECU actually has a timer (starting at 30) and counts how many times the ECU has been reflashed like this. If it goes to 0, i don't know what to do ?

anyways, your dealer should be able to help as well, i think they have standard prices for this type of reflash.

I'm based in the Netherlands, so i probably cannot help you out with mechanics that own and know how to use WinKFP. The whole process takes about 45 minutes. You're then back to stock and can try to reflash again. I suggest to reflash at this mechanic. In case it fails, you can then immediately use WinKFP.

Good luck !

PS: agree on the cost before hand. As said, if he knows what he's doing, it should not take more than an hour. - Archive and forum for all aftermarket turbo en supercharger kits
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