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Default Perfect additive map6 setting - 04-06-2019, 12:14 AM

After 3 month using JB4, I have found the best setting of additive map 6 for my car, B48 330i with Stone Eddy d@wnp1pe. Perfect timing profile without any timing drop at 3rd gear, very consistent performance everyday, and smooth acceleration while WOT.

By the way, I don’t have an EWG wire, so I don’t consider to use absolute map 6 setting and am happy with my car now. Thanks to JB4. This is my first time using a piggyback to tune my car.

My setting:
1500~6000rpm, 4.5psi
6500~7000rpm, 4psi

I have tried map0, 1, 2, 3 and 5 as well. My butt dyno can easily feel the performance getting better in the case switching map from map0 to map1, and from map1 to map2, however, it seems not much different from map2 to map3/map5, even with 2psi added. So I started to try additive map6 with flat 4.5psi and 5psi. With flat 4.5psi, I can still feel the better performance compared to map2, but timing drops at high RPM. With flat 5psi, timing drops happens randomly and not much performance different from flat 4.5psi.
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